Member Testimonials

“I am a member of NARBW because I love to volunteer and help out where needed. I love to be able to make a difference in someone’s life and have the great satisfaction of seeing someone else benefit from our group’s efforts” – Joyce Higgs, Roanoke Chapter

“I am a member of NARBW because I find it to be a highly respected organization and I love interacting with other railroad women.”– Diane Huntington, St. Louis Chapter

“I joined NARBW to network with other women from different railroads and make new friends across the country. I love having the opportunity to increase awareness of women in key positions on the railroad. I love my ‘Narbie’ friends.”– Vanessa Estell, Atlanta Chapter

“My interest in the railroad industry and my desire to advance in my career is strongly complemented by my membership in NARBW.”– Kylie McLaughlin, Member-at-Large

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