Third Quarter Event -  Founder's Day February 2021  

Our  Founder’s Day theme is ‘2021 – The Year to Ignite a New Era for the NARBW!’


The criteria will be the same, create a theme for your chapter meeting (ZOOM or in person) through the end of February, share your pictures via social media and  send to so chapter event pictures can be posted on the National Facebook page.


Remember this is a fundraiser -  don’t forget to send chapter contributions to ‘I Love NARBW’. 


Here is a short summary of the history to kick off our 3rd Quarter event.


20+80=100 years of Railway sisters together!


December 1920 - The Vision from a sign 'Railroad Men Only'...thank you Hazel Cornell!


January 1921 - The Predecessor group elected Sarah Miles as the first president of Railway Business Women's Association!


March 1925 -  Incorporation of Railway Business Women's Association.


July 1940 – This Meeting to create the National Association of Railway Business Women, electing Hazel Cornell as first National President.


February 14, 1941 - The Growing years begin, the incorporation date of the NARBW! 


February 14, 2021 - The Year to Ignite a New Era for the NARBW!




Dates to remember:

February  -  March   2021

February  1    National Nominations Deadline 

                         National Chairman Cynthia Chandler 

February 13     National Board Winter Meeting via Zoom

March 1          National Scholarship Application deadline 

                         National Chairman Rae Huebner

March  10        National Per Capita Deadline   

                          National Treasurer Michele Williams

March 31         National Donations Deadline 

                          National Treasurer Michele Williams 

March 31          National Treasurer Michele Williams                                         National Scholarship Donation Deadline 

March 31          Capsule Deadline

                           National Chairman Nancy Von Dolteren

March 31          Welfare Report Deadline

                           National Chairman Vanessa Estell

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