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Shout Out to Sharon Davenport on her Promotion!

Congratulations to our NARBW sister Sharon Davenport on her recent promotion to senior system specialist in Amtrak’s Mechanical department in Chicago. In her new role, Sharon covers the Chicago and Midwest Division with responsibilities that include training new hires and current mechanics and managers on the Work Management System (WMS) – a computer program used by the Mechanical department.

Sharon began her railroad career at Amtrak 19 years ago and has continuously advanced to positions with more responsibilities. For seven years she worked as a coach cleaner and served as TWU Local 2014 Union Chair. In 2007 she was promoted to foreman, where she supervised coach cleaners. Then in 2011, she was promoted to Foreman II, supervising mechanics. Sharon was promoted again to Foreman III in 2014, assisting the Work Management Team in training new hires, mechanics and managers.

Sharon was introduced to NARBW through Melanie McKim in 2016, and was a part of the team that worked to renew the Chicago Chapter. Sharon has served as Membership Chair and also volunteers every year at the Homewood Rail Fest where she promotes NARBW, recruits new members and interacts with people who come to display their railroad collectibles. Sharon looks forward to going to a convention in the future and meeting other NARBW sisters from around the country.

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Melanie McKim
Melanie McKim
Feb 02, 2019

Congratulations Sharon. I love working with you!!

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